Zombie Survivor Miniatures

Created by The Phalanx Consortium

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Full 20set legacy square thumb
10 Figure 28mm Zombie Survivors Set
Charles Brown and Bailey Dog, Lucille 'Lulu' Brown, Hooded Gas Mask Guy, Weatherman Axeman, Youth... more »
Set 20a legacy square thumb
5 Figure 28mm Zombie Survivors Half Set A
Charles Brown and Bailey Dog, Lucille 'Lulu' Brown, Hooded Gas mask guy, Weatherman Axeman and Yo... more »
Set 20b legacy square thumb
5 Figure 28mm Zombie Survivors Half Set B
Female Police Officer, Jesuit Priest, Bow hunter, Kendo Guy and Orthodox Rabbi.
Rangerc legacy square thumb
Military Response Team A
3f5feee9c7ae1b810cda14cdaede52eb original legacy square thumb
Skirmish Ragers Softcover Rule Book
Core Rules
Rangerdteam legacy square thumb
Military Response Team B
3f5feee9c7ae1b810cda14cdaede52eb original legacy square thumb
Hardcover Skirmish Ragers Rule Book with Supplements
Core Rules along with 3 supplements: Medieval Mayhem, Hollywood Havoc and Year Zero - Military Op... more »
Deltateama legacy square thumb
Military Response Spec Ops Team A
Deltateamb legacy square thumb
Military Response Spec Ops Team B
Cop dr legacy square thumb
Rager Set A
Sheriff's Deputy and Doctor Rager Set
Soldier house legacy square thumb
Rager Set B
Soldier and Housewife Rager Set
Crossbow legacy square thumb
Custom Survivor w/ Crossbow Miniature
Phalx.123 legacy square thumb
HUMVEE w/.50 Cal and Gunner
Plastic 20zombies legacy square thumb
6 Sprues of Multi-pose Zombie Plastics
The 6 sprues can be used to create 24 zombies
Dice 20set legacy square thumb
Zombie Controller Dice Set
6 d3's and 2 d20 dice set
Somali t02 legacy square thumb
Technical w/DSHK and Crew

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The Phalanx Consortium and Dishdash Games believe there has never been a better time for gamers to fight the zombie apocalypse than now. And there is no better system to use than Skirmish RAGERS, at least that what those of you who have been playing this great game have been telling us.

Since we launched Skirmish Ragers at GENCON 2015 it has gone from strength to strength. So for all our loyal players and the Zombie player community as a whole, we want your help in producing our first set of Survivors. Lets face it you can never have too many survivors right!

This is our first set of 10 metal miniatures and each miniature comes with a full Skirmish RAGERS backstory and downloadable character card (PDF).





The ten individually sculpted survivor miniatures, of which you can see some samples here, will all be lovingly sculpted and developed by our team to help add character to your Zed apocalypse. In order to show you the complete process we have gone as far as creating the first miniature in the series, so you can see how the digital sculpt will look once produced as a white metal casting.

Each survivor has a unique backstory and backstory pdf specifically designed for you to play these characters in RAGERS or they give you background for zombie game of choice.

Also everyone who pledges will get a free PDF copy of the Skirmish RAGERS rulebook, a 96 page full colour book, that contains all the rules of the game.

Skirmish Ragers
Skirmish Ragers

 Here is a review from Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy

"The opportunity to have almost free reign is I feel ‘Skirmish RAGERS greatest strength. The book provides campaign rules where your characters can expand their knowledge, and several scenarios but outside of this the book gives you the scope to do the Zombie apocalypse exactly as you want to do it. I massively enjoyed this book, the narrative is dark but fun and the rules beautifully flexible. I think ‘Skirmish RAGERS’ is more than capable of holding its own and well worth the cover price."

Skirmish RAGERS ( was OUTBREAK) recently won the d-Infinity Independent Games Awards 2016 - Miniatures Game of the Year

SKIRMISH RAGERS is a fast paced set of skirmish wargames rules for the Zombie Apocalypse.Whether its fighting hordes of shambling Zeds or the freshly infected Ragers someone has let the genie firmly out of the bottle. Do you have what it takes to lead your band of survivors to take back the world from the LIVING DEAD... SKIRMISH RAGERS is a complete ruleset with everything you need to play one off games or whole campaigns in the world of the Zombie Apocalypse.




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 Shipping Information:  We will be bulking shipping product into the major world regions for direct distribution to our backers.  Therefore, we will be able to charge the lower shipping costs within those regions, versus trying to fulfill directly from one country to the rest of the world.  Since shipping costs have been in a great deal of flux of late we have chosen to invoice each backer at time of fulfillment, and not try to predict those costs today.  All shipping will be invoiced so that only our costs to ship are covered.  This method worked well on our previous "Day of the Rangers" campaign.